The Constant Acceleration of Time: A Pause in the life of the Mesquita Family (Original)

Time… the one thing you will never get back

Sometimes life can take over and we forget to live in between the special moments. We capture those moments, the ones that matter most.

The way Sophia giggles when daddy reads her favorite story to her. They always laugh at the same part of the story when daddy makes that funny voice…

The way Lucas’s face lights up when he gets to work with dad on the tree fort… who does he run to first to show off his masterpiece?

The first time photographing The Mesquita Family was thirteen years ago when Laney was pregnant with her first baby.  What an honor it was documenting this young couple getting ready to embark on their life journey as parents!  I’ll never forget the glow she had and the beautifully intimate portraits of her with her protective husband.  After the birth of her darling baby boy, I remember going to the hospital to photograph the first day of his life, witnessing and recording the joy of their growing family. 


Their second child, a baby girl, was born two years later, completing their family.  For the next three years, I faithfully recorded their family and watched their children grow from adorable babies to busy toddlers to curious little kids. 


Their work and life included a lot of travel in and out of the country, so having professional photos became less of a priority.  Unfortunately, as happens in many families, professional photos were replaced by the yearly school photo and suboptimal quality cell phone images.  Relying on the convenience of these options made sure there were still memories, so not all was lost, but there is one big issue…

Where are Mom and Dad?  And where are the details of their life together?


We all struggle to keep up with the incessant acceleration of time and setting priorities for how we spend our time every day, but now there were pockets of time that had sort of been lost to storage, hard drives, or iclouds then became hazy memories.  Sure, as with most families there were lots of photos of the kids taken with the cell phone cameras, but there weren’t any professional images and, worse yet, almost none with Mom and Dad.


Where are the photos of Mom and Dad playing and interacting with the kids?  

The craziness of life gets in the way and makes it so we really don’t think about how important it is to document our family at every stage, right here and right now.  And regrettably, we forget the importance of consistently documenting our family at all its stages and pausing, for a moment, to appreciate our family as it is now and as it never will be again.


We love to document our kids, but we forget how important it is that we are in the photos with them. 

The photos of them are for us, but the photos of us with them are for them. 

One day your children will be all grown up and they will want those photos more than you realize.  (click here to read how family photos boost your child’s self-esteem) Because one day they will have children.  The pictures taken today will give future generations a glimmer of the past and show them what it was like to be in that space and time.  These visual pauses in the current of time connect our family to each other and the descendants that will come after us.


Because children become parents and parents become grandparents and on and on. 

And isn’t that what life is all about?  It’s about watching our family grow and sharing that experience with our family; it’s about celebrating new arrivals to our family, honoring those who have passed, and appreciating all the moments in between. 


Pictures connect us to our past by evoking emotions and memories of how life was like for us then.  Professional photos make sure the details of our lives are recorded so we never forget, and so we can pass the gift of these memories down to our children.


So with the stay at home orders, it became clear to the Mesquita Family that a photoshoot was in order!  I was delighted to know they were ready to continue adding to the visual story of their family – not just the kiddos… but the family as a whole.  The little boy is now an amazing athletic teenager and the little girl is now an outgoing and cheerful eleven-year-old. 


And from there, you’d think the rest is history… but we know it goes on and on. 


Here is the story of the Mesquita Family right here, right now.


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