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The truth of our lives is always better than fiction. What are we but our stories? Visual stories engage and compel. Strong imagery connects you to the world inside and outside yourself, your family, and your business.

Visual storytelling uses the art of photography to beautifully portray your story and invites the viewer to connect with you through your story. What do you want to share with the world?

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Story Portraits for Families and Small Businesses

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Alex...

She loved to lie on her back in a bed of grass and gaze at the cloudy sky for hours, creating characters and stories out of the tiny water and ice crystals scattered all over the sky.

She believed eating crayons and glue would taste like anything she wanted.

She even had a dream where she thought she could fly and woke up convinced she could.

As an adult, she realized that even though these things were challenged by the reality of space and time, she could still communicate these wild and amazing ideas through photography, if only to evoke the same feelings of belief and possibility.

She couldn’t will the red crayon to taste like cherry, but she could make the crayon look as good as the sweetest cherry tastes.

Alex’s talent of using photography to communicate on the deepest levels will have you believe that the red crayon tastes exactly as the sweetest cherry tastes.

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"HIGHLY RECOMMEND Alex Slattery Photography! She did my husband's corporate photo and the choices were so impressive we decided to schedule a session with her for just the two of us. So fun and easy! She helped us plan everything according to our likes and needs. The result was an awesome time doing the photos at a little park and our favorite place...the beach. When the proofs were back, she came to our home and helped us choose the perfect shots and package. A couple of weeks after that, she came back over with the finished (BEAUTIFUL) products. Every time we walk into our home and see those happy pics, we smile and know our kids are probably doing the same when they're looking at their photo gifts. Thank you, Alex!"
- Toni M.

"When my first son was born, I took tons of photos of him, as new parents do, but I wanted some professional photos of him to hang on our wall. I hired a photographer to take these photos, but I wasn't very pleased with the results. I'd dressed my son in an adorable outfit and made the appointment for a time I thought he wouldn't be tired and fussy, but he started to cry during the shoot and the photographer, though friendly, seemed in a rush to finish, and the entire process was not enjoyable.

I didn't hire a professional photographer again until after my second son was born. A friend recommended Alex's services to me, so I gave her a call. I liked her approach even before meeting her. She told me what to do to prepare, not to worry if one or both of the kids were fussy, and that she wanted the shoot to be relaxed. She suggested we shoot in our home and backyard so that the boys felt comfortable in their own environment. She was so great with the kids - she took her time, encouraged me to interact with them, and it was overall a totally low-key, enjoyable experience.

My boys are now 8 and 10, and I've hired Alex to take family photos every year, as well as shoot some other special occasions, and I've given out her info to numerous people. When I see the photos Alex has taken of our family, I love that she's captured the boys' personalities, the joy and love in our family, and that we have beautiful images I will treasure for the rest of my life."
- Laureen G.

Alex Slattery


Alex is a family and brand photographer making real photos for real people, documenting everything between the chaos and calm of life in San Diego and beyond.

San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County

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