“A lot of people like to ask me ‘Ali, how on earth do you balance family and career?’ Men never get asked that question. Because they don’t."

-Ali Wong (Hard Knock Wife)

Hi There!

Welcome! I'm Alex Slattery, a child and family photographer located in beautiful Southern California. As a single mom, I know how hectic life gets trying to balance work and motherhood. Running a business, making deadlines and meeting my son's needs on top of taking care of a household can take a lot out of anyone. And if you're a mom too you get it… wait I didn’t get to all the laundry… hmmm... I guess he’ll be wearing dirty pants. Oops… mom fail… but despite all the demands life serves up, having pictures of us laughing and enjoying each other and being in the moment make all the craziness worth it. Dirty pants and all, and hey, that’s what photoshop is for!

Because those daily trips to the neighborhood park that he no longer cares to frolic in are plastered on my wall to remind me of who he was and who he will never be again. Isn’t that part of what life is about? Cherishing and remembering those in-between moments that you can't get back. The only way is to pause those moments to contain them in a time capsule never ever to be forgotten ever! My heart explodes with joy every time I see that toothless smile so prominently displayed on my wall. Proof that motherhood is worth every gosh darn minute!

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